About Us

COANAM TRADING CO.,LTD, founded in 2009, is located in Osaka, Japan.

At the beginning of its establishment, COANAM TRADING CO.,LTD provided customers with software technology development and support services. Customers cover Osaka’s catering industry, B&B hotel industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry and other industries. After years of accumulation, there have been 100 + customers with long-term cooperation.

The main business of COANAM TRADING CO.,LTD covers software development, electronic payment, import and export trade, technical service support, B&B hotel reservation, cross-border tourism consulting, etc.

COANAM TRADING CO.,LTD also has its own brand “mlilife” to provide convenience services for offline Chinese in Japan.


Software Development

We provide software technology development services and related technical support, and can provide all-round technical implementation and support according to your needs.


We provide convenient payment services for merchants and enterprises in need. It covers offline collection, online payment and other forms.

Travel Service

We provide travel support services for travelers (especially tourists from China), including but not limited to accommodation reservation, catering reservation, travel consultation, shopping consultation and other services.

Contact Us


President:ITO TOMOYA

Phone:+81 080 4230 7526

1F,1 Chome−1−5 , Nipponbashihigashi, Naniwa Ward,OSAKA,JAPAN. 〒556-0006